About Me


As a child, I have always been around food and been able to experience many types of flavors and cultures whether its from the curries of South Asian Cuisine, to satisfying, comforting and rich Soul Food, and the bold flavors of Latin American cuisine.  Being exposed to all kinds of food at an early age has helped me to develop my palate to enjoy different flavors and styles of cooking. I enjoy going to international grocery stores, farmers markets, and checking any nook and cranny to search for what would make the food I eat super tasty and an enjoyable experience. I have always enjoyed cooking my own food and posting my pictures online of what I have created. But it’s not just about cooking with me. I also share my experience with food in general, having the pleasure to travel around to eat at some pretty  cool local places, meet people, and picking up whatever looks interesting to me to try.

Thus, She’s Gotta Eat was born. She’s gotta eat is a space made solely for foodies who want to experience new tastes, explore the depths of their palate and enjoy good food. This blog will give readers a chance to not only try and share new recipes, but will also delve into food commentary. Ever wanted to experience food from other cultures, but don’t have the means to travel? Looking for authentic taste and flavor without compromising the integrity? Want to know where some of the best comfort food spots are? She’s Gotta Eat is the place to be. Go on an epicurean journey of epic proportions from the comfort of your home with just a click. Get creative with food. Thank you for stopping by.

PS. For business inquiries or just to say hello, contact me via email at chriscori30@gmail.com or via Facebook/Instagram at She’s Gotta Eat.