Cravings – Potluck 001

Happy Eating!
Happy Eating!

Thank you all for dropping by to check out these dishes that were prepared from Cravings Cookbook. I thank GOD that I am blessed with this opportunity to share some of my culinary skill and knowledge, of course from the perspective of a homecook and thank GOD for the blessing of creating these great dishes for nourishment. I ask that HE continues to provide for us, protect us, and allow our hearts to heal from the challenges that this world may throw our way. In his name, amen……

I chose this book to start the potluck because it just came out and featured a number of creative dishes that were easy to make and looked tasty. Given the fact that most of the food will be consumed by my daughter and I, I didn’t want to prepare too much. I specifically chose what looked healthy and accessible. This book does not include desserts, so I improvised and chose a brunch item to fill that void. This book tells Chrissy’s story from her humble beginnings and highlighting her love of food. She features recipes not just from herself, but from her husband and mother. It’s broken down starting with breakfast items first, followed by soups, salads, noodles, mom’s recipes, party food, anything on toast, veggies, foods that might be intimidating but aren’t, and dinner. While recreating the dishes, I wanted to stay true to the core of the dishes and not use too many substitutions and alterations.


Yellow Cake Baked Oatmeal pp. 36   potluck 001 044

I love that all of the recipes include some type of backstory. This caught my eye because it combines oatmeal and cake into something familiar, but unconventional. I also needed a dessert to highlight and used this one to compensate. Oatmeal is soaked in milk and mixed in with yellow cake mix along with other ingredients used to make a standard cake. Fruit such as raspberries and peaches are scattered on top of the cake and baked.  I baked this for about 35 minutes because I didn’t want it too wet. It does help to use super moist cake mix to get that custard-like texture. One small glitch, fault completely on me, is that I used just a sprinkling of fruit until realizing that the recipe asked for 1 1/2 cups of raspberries and 1 large or 2 small ripe peaches. Because reading is fundamental. Now, this does turn out to be a custard like cake. And I actually like it a lot. It taste great pipping hot and it reminds me of a breakfast pastry with custard and fruit. If I were to make this again, 2 small changes would be for me to add some spice like some cinnamon because I think it would play well with the oatmeal. Another change would be to drizzle the top with a confectioner’s glaze for my sugar kick.   potluck 001 030


Herby, Lemony, Spicy, Garlicky Roasted Whole Fish pp.190   potluck 001 042

This was another one I knew I was going to make. I make whole fish all the time, mainly because I’m lazy and don’t feel like filleting. But also, I like eating in and around the head and eye parts. It’s fatty and flavorful and one of the first parts I eat on a fish. Yes, that makes me a weirdo and that’s OK. The recipe calls for whole fish such as striped bass or bronzini but I used trout which was on sale.[ Sidenote: It is important to make sure that the fish is not only cleaned, but also scaled. Some supermarkets will scale and clean the fish for you, while others will just clean and not scale. ] The ingredients are also easy to come by as they only consists of garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and fresh herbs. I really had to ask myself should I make this one since I pretty much make this dish all the time, but I decided, that I was in the mood for fish anyway. Here, it looks like heirloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes where used, but I just used a regular one. I also used lots of garlic as the recipe indicated and scattered lemons around the fish. Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and it’s in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes. Once it’s done, all of the veggies are caramelized and flavorful from the olive oil and lemon and the fish skin is crispy while the meat if nice and flaky and moist. Not dry at all.


Roasted Mushrooms pp. 165  potluck 001 043

Ok, this and the Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts (pp. 168) were neck and neck but the mushrooms were decided on while I was at the market. I wanted something to go with the fish and while most of the veggie recipes featured do, I wanted to roast something again. These went perfectly with the fish. The recipe calls for cremini and white mushrooms but honestly, all I saw were baby bellas at the store. So I got those sliced. Not too many ingredients needed, just some thyme, garlic and olive oil along with some butter to allow the mushrooms to swim in and we gotta side dish. These were roasted for about 30 minutes and served along side the fish and tomatoes.


Thank you all for stopping by. The food came out excellent and I can’t complain. If you too have prepared recipes from this book, feel free to share!

potluck 001 050

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