Going Vegan: Final Thoughts

Vegan Salad
Vegan Salad

I will admit that I have a passive aggressive attitude towards veganism. On the one hand, I admire those who want to live healthier lives by eliminating any animal products and caring about the well being of animals. On the other hand, it’s expensive, time consuming, and really, what’s the point of eating meat based products that taste like meat, but isn’t meat? Vegan cuisine uses fruits, vegetables, and starches in the most creative and unique way to test your taste buds ability to discern real from faux. Not only that, vegan desserts can rival any egg and butter laden creation. Here are some of my final thoughts on going vegan.

[9-5-2016] I’ve been vegan for about 5 days now and it has been an experience for me. I do enjoy vegan food, and I enjoy going out to places, in particular restaurants that cater to the vegetarian and vegan club. But I wanted to see for myself what the hype was really about. Namely, will my body feel a whole lot better avoiding meats and cheeses? And will I miss eating them? How will I modify my newfound diet and even get my daughter to enjoy it as well? In the first 5 days, I have been pretty hungry and have even thought about giving up on it all together. I was irritable the first 2 days because of my body adapting to only eating plant based foods. With going full vegan, one avoids meat, processed foods, cheese, and honey. Meat substitutes for protein can come in the form of soy based products, seitan, tempeh, and jackfruit. True vegan food is plant based, gluten free eliminating soy, and uses no animal products whatsoever, not even honey.

[9-9-2016] So far, It’s been over a week since I stopped eating meat. My diet has been mostly vegetarian though. It has been ridiculously hard to find that foods that do not contain any traces of animal products. And the ones I do find are very expensive for a small amount. Especially to someone that lives on a budget and has to support a child. Even creating meals can be a challenge and time comsuming. And not only that, it is already hard to find food that my picky  daughter will enjoy. She is not here for anything tofu and faux anything.

[9-28-16] My vegan journey is ending in a couple of days. I was hoping with me going vegan for a month, I was gonna be healthier, drop a couple of pounds, and really get to enjoy what the hype was all about. I thought saying that I was vegan made me this uber hipster with knowledge of all things pertaining to mother earth, healthy living and emanating the smell of patchouli and hemp from my glands. But it only proved that I’m really not about that plant life. Some days, I felt deprived of protein. One day, I was on lunch and decided that I was gonna eat just a little bit of protein. Instead, I had some of the nastiest chicken wings due to my taste buds changing. I will say though that my stomach does feel much lighter than when I was consuming meat everyday as plant based foods also helps me to eliminate waste faster. Another interesting thing about going vegan is that the cuisine is extra creative. Who knew eating portabello mushrooms would curb my meat cravings? And how about using pureed cashews to have my grits tasting like cheese grits? I had a lot of fun creating wholesome and healthy dishes for myself and was so amazed at how flavorful vegan food can be. Vegan cuisine, however does tend to be a little too salty or too sweet, but if done right, can fool or even convert a die hard carnivore. Even me.

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