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 There are so many food blogs in the blogosphere, featuring some wonderful and tasty items that I just want to reach into the screen and take a bite. SO, I decided to add to the community. This blog focuses on not just sharing recipes and featuring highly detailed pictures of juicy tender cuts of happiness, rich decadence, and a hint of sweetness. It is more than just talking about my favorite stomping grounds and other places to eat. This blog will bring together a community of foodies who perhaps want to experiment trying different foods from other countries as well as to touch up American staples, but are too apprehensive. It’s for the foodie who may not be able to afford to travel abroad to experience authentic cuisines and culture from other countries, but want to experience them locally. It’s for the homecook who wants to cook like a pro and wow family and friends with his/her dishes. It’s for the chef, line cook, the caterer and others in the industry who wants to bring their knowledge and passion to the world of food. This blog is created just for you.

So here’s my history with food. My food history consists of my mom, who is a chef with over 35 years of experience in the food industry, exposing my brother and I to all kinds of food. Back then, we didn’t have much, but she would always made sure that whatever little bit of food we had, we ate and that it filled us up. She would whip up all kinds of foods in her small kitchen in NW/SW Washington DC using smoked meats, curries, and of course, chicken. We ate smoked pork and turkey neckbones in various styles such as with rice, curried, and lo mein style. She would make some of the most elaborate meals for the holidays covering a beautiful tablescape. I was taught about food sanitation and safety first and foremost through her.

Whenever I was bored, I would read one of the hundreds of cookbooks that my mom has in one of her rooms just because I was bored and wanted to look at the food. My first actual meal was to make pork neckbones with rice. Of course, it didn’t come out the way my mom would make it because the meat was not falling apart, but I was proud of myself for cooking like a grownup. As I got older my presence in the kitchen decreased as I focused more on school and work. However, that didn’t stop me from being a foodie. After I joined the military, I would venture out to try the local hotspots wherever I was stationed. I fell in love with Korean food and sushi while stationed in Hawaii. After German class in DC, I would go the the German Delicatessen downtown just to grab a slice of linzertorte and schokolade kuchen (chocolate cake). Grocery shopping was done at international food markets such as Asian and Latin American stores. I decided to get back into cooking around the time I left the military over 10 years ago. I was starting my family and wanted my family to enjoy the things I made for them. I remember around that time I made my first Thanksgiving meal completely by myself with the roast turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, cranberry and walnut stuffing, collard greens with hamhocks, cranberry sauce, and bread pudding. It was such a huge hit, even my unborn daughter loved it. From then on, I became hooked on cooking shows, grew my collection of cookbooks, explored new and exotic tastes, and gained a few pounds in between.

For some of us, the only way to experience other cultures is through the food and even moreso because travel may be too costly and time consuming.  I grew up on soul food, but I love global food more. The Commentary section gives me a chance to write about what I love most; FOOD!!!  As the community grows, more features will be added such interviewing chefs, caterers and other food bloggers, podcasts, and even my own food channel. One of my favorite sections on here is the Potluck section where it will give the reader an opportunity to critique and share their own recipes from cookbooks featured on the page. The reader will then get the opportunity to recreate about 1-3 recipes that will be shared as we offer our thoughts on the books and the dishes created. It will give all of us an opportunity to interact with each other, share ideas, and show off our beautiful plates of bounty.

So here it is. She’s gotta eat is the curious food enthusiast. Enjoy this journey with me! 


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