Picky Eaters vs Food Snobs

Picky Eaters vs Food Snobs: Who’s More Annoying?

Nothing bothers me more than a picky eater. And I say this because my daughter is a picky eater and I am somewhat one. Wait, that doesn’t make sense… OK, in my case, there are literally certain foods I cannot touch because it will make me sick such as eggs and milk. However, I will clean a bowl of ice cream and anything dipped in egg and fried. My body is just weird like that….

But picky eaters do bother me a lot. You know, the ones that give food one tiny glance and make the scrunch face. Or if it doesn’t smell like anything that’s been fried or grilled they shuffle it along. I often wonder how is it that these same people are so uninhibited with their palette sexually but are ready to run for the hills when trying ACTUAL food that didn’t come from some persons’…bodily orifice. But I digress. So instead, we stick to what we know. Someone bringing mac n cheese to the cookout? Sure we’ll try it, but will have the audacity to overly scrutinize it because it didn’t play to YOUR taste. Thinking about bringing banana pudding to the next family get together? It better come close to grandma’s or it’s tip toeing it’s way all nice and covered up with that extra paper plate to the trash. Being open to trying other options should not be a challenge.

Food snobs on the other hand are the most annoying. They are a notch above picky eaters. There seems to be an entire epidemic of new found food snobs who’s sole purpose is to pretend that they know food better than anyone else. How would one know of the flavor profile and cooking technique of a dish if one has never had it? I blame tv  and other competition shows where the food is often critiqued to  death to the point of no contention. A dish would look beautiful, probably was cooked beyond perfection and tasted like it came from GOD himself, yet the plating was canted too much to the left while one judge did not get enough herb. This form of snobbery translates to real life where the consumer will want exactly what they saw on tv ,how it was presented, prepared all under 30 minutes, yet they will feel disappointed of the real life execution.

A picky eater is not really the same as a food snob. They’re about maybe a degree off and a screw loose from each other, but with food snobs, they’re still more open to trying foods they never had and sticking to what they know and like. Picky eaters on the other hand, are not very open, and will eat only what they know. Of course, for me, I kind of have to be a food snob, given that I have certain food allergies. Converting a picky eater to the promised land is still a challenge albeit a rewarding one!


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