The All You Can Eat Buffet

Before I get started, yes I know buffets are not very popular among some of the foodie population. It’s the images of uncleanliness, so-so food, people with germs, and people with germs that breathe on the food is what scares most. So with that said, no, I will not avoid them. In fact, I know that not every buffet is created equal. They have a vast selection of just about everything on the food pyramid so there is no excuse to not get what you want. They all must follow the same health and sanitary guidelines like every other food establishment, and so far (knock on wood) I haven’t gotten sick. My favorite places to go to are the Teppanyaki Grill spots with the Hibachi, salad bar, entrees, sushi, and desserts area. But one certainly cannot go to just any one. There are only a few of these places that are my go-to spots because of the variety of food, cleanliness, and the atmosphere. It does not feel like I’m eating cheap food. Here are some of my favorites

Tokyo Seafood Buffet – Woodlawn MD Image result for tokyo seafood buffet security mall price

It’s the place at Security Square Mall that recently moved to a much bigger area at the end of the mall and is constantly busy. And for good reason. They have a variety of foods like dim sum, Korean short ribs, pizza, hibachi, sushi, and fried MD blue crabs. For dinner, the menu changes a bit and the prices go up. They offer more seafood items such as conch and a raw bar of oysters and clams. The salad bar is always fresh, never wilted or brown, and the ambiance feels more like a 4 star restaurant than buffet.

LIVE! Buffet – Hanover MD Image result for live buffet hanover md

About a couple of years ago, I was lucky to earn a free ticket to eat at the buffet at LIVE! Casino in Hanover, MD. It was even more of a blessing that I got there on a Friday, All you can Eat Seafood Night. It’s a bit on the expensive end, but the food was well worth it. They must have had every single cuisine from Asian, Italian, American Grill, Seafood, desserts, you name it, I ate it. I was so stuffed that I didn’t even bother to gamble.

Sneha Indian Cuisine – Catonsville, MD Image result for sneha indian cuisine

Believe it or not, most Indian places are pretty decent when it comes to cleanliness and the food. Many of them offer buffet style meals, especially around lunch time. I like to go around lunch when the prices are cheap, but the offerings are limited to staples of Indian cooking such as Tandoori Chicken, Biriyani, Curry Lamb, Daals, and Gulab Jamun. Indian cuisine is comprised of different varieties depending on the region. Most of the places I’ve been to feature foods from the Punjab and northern regions. Sneha, however, is my favorite because it’s not too fancy, and they offer a variety of authentic Indian food. There, I had my first taste of a dosa, a rolled crepe made from a fermented batter not seen at most places in the area. Even the sauces are different, using tamarind, and sour chutneys.  And another bonus, it’s right beside Patel Brothers Indian Grocery. Some other favs of mine include Indigma and Lumbini Restaurants in the heart of Mt Vernon Baltimore.

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