YouTube: A Foodie Treasure

Happy New Year, 2017 is here! And I get to introduce the 1st post of the year, which are part recipes and commentary, but they are not mine. YouTube is one of the greatest inventions ever. It has gotten me thru my hardest statistics class, shown me how to calculate net present value, allowed me to witness a root canal procedure, and has taken me to exotic countries and locales that I hope to visit in my lifetime. YouTube has also shown me how to perfect recipes that I have had a tough time making. My favorite past time is to watch food videos on YouTube. The ones I like to watch are super informative, not too pretentious, and the food actually looks delicious. Its not a bunch of competition shows with an ego driven celebrity chef or some homecook overly excited about their crappy food.  So here’s what I watch, in no particular order or ranking.


Let me just say that I love Korean Food. And I definitely love this lady, Maangchi whom NY Times has dubbed the Julia Child of Korean cooking.  Emily Kim (yes, Ms Kim) better known as Maangchi to her fans, is too adorable for words. The editing on the show is clear, and she’s very informative especially in describing the ingredients she uses. She could really have her own show on The Cooking Channel. Her dishes are  unapologetic and authentically Korean. Her videos also come in different languages to follow along and she has a self entitled book in stores and online.

The Food Ranger

The Food Ranger is DOPE DOPE DOPE. Trevor James, a Canadian foodie, was going to school in China to pursue his Masters in Economics before switching it up to live his dream as a chef. His page doesn’t necessarily show you how to cook, but it does take you on a food journey where he tries local cuisine and speaks to the locals in their native tongue. He literally has food orgasms on camera after eating local favs such as noodles covered in Sichuan pepper and chili oil. My favorite part out of all of his videos is watching the locals’ amazement  in how Trevor can speak Chinese. He always seem to know where the hot spots are and never seems to gain weight (I’m guessing from all of the walking around). He’s been in other countries too such as India and Turkey, but he has seemed to make China his home base.

iHeart Recipes

I never knew how to make Peach Cobbler until I found Rosie’s page. Her videos are usually 5 minute tutorials featuring good ol comfort food. I really like watching this sistas’ page because the recipes are easy to follow, the food always looks rich and scrumptious, and quick. Staples like Old Fashioned Homemade Banana Pudding, The Creamiest Macaroni and Cheese (no velveeta or eggs), and Southern Fried Chicken light up her Youtube page. She post the actual recipes on her website. One can now go to the office potluck confident that the food will be awesome and created with love.

The Joy of Baking

Stephanie Jaworski is an award winning baker who features baking and dessert videos on her youtube channel. I recently discovered this page while looking for the perfect icebox cookies to make. I like watching her bake because she makes mistakes, but doesn’t hide them. It’s all real! I feel like I’m in an advanced pastry course, but the class is easy to follow along and it’s not boring. Measurements are precise as there is no eye-balling in baking. She reminds me that mom that always has fresh homemade cookies and brownies when your friends come over.

SeonKyoung Longest

I really like her. Like a lot. I follow her posts on facebook and sometimes when she goes live. She is not a trained chef, but if you ever watch any of her videos, and the fact that she competed on Food Network’s Restaurant Express and FOX’s Master Chef, you’d thought she was. SeonKyoung Longest was recently in Her native South Korea and I must have watch every single video of her and her girls living it up, eating, and just having a good time.The Life in Korea series was enjoyable to watch as it gave a firsthand view of nightlife and the bustling markets of South Korea. It also made me add South Korea to my bucket list as one the those places I had to visit because they made it look so lit. Her videos are part foodie part learning.

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